Kitaro 2010 – All Night Taiko (Japanese Drums) at Mt. Fuji / 喜太郎オールナイト太鼓イベント、富士山の御殿場

Well, as suspected, Kitaro’s annual August, ‘night of the full moon’  all-night Taiko (Japanese Drums) session will take place this year on 8/24 – 8/25.  For those who might aspire to experience  Japanese Taiko, on real, genuine Japanese drums, this will be an interesting, different, and exhilirating experience and opportunity to do so.  It’s also a great opportunity to escape the doldrums of daily life, stress release, and to simply become one with nature, earth, and the beat of the drums.  Best yet, this event, not very publicized, is totally free!
Event Information:  English & Japanese
Kitaro’s official music website English & Japanese
Impressions of West Lake 52nd Grammy Awards, Best New Age Album Nomination
I also have personal galleries at my online Picasa Web Gallery from participation in Kitaro’s 2007 event and last year’s Kitaro 2009 all night taiko event. (For Best effect, view FULL SCREEN or SLIDE SHOW mode for best results.  Right / Left  arrows for rapid rotation)
I also posted VIDEO of the 2009 event as well.
Pack your tent, sleeping bag, camping gear, camera and video equipment,  beers, food, and whatever.  It will be a refreshing and unique experience.
This is an ALL NIGHT event so be fully forewarned!  Also, since Mt. Fuji is a mountain, and at 1/3 the way up the mountain, the weather could become temperamental.  Thus, it is also advisable to pack a  light jacket and 2 piece rain parka just in case.

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